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I am now happy to take referrals for PRE-NATAL clients that need care. I have a fabulous pregnancy massage cushion in the clinic. It's pretty funny looking -with belly and boob holes- but will feel super dreamy to be belly-down during a massage while pregnant. If you know of any mum's-to-be, send them my way!

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  • Carol has the hands of a very effective massage therapist.

    — Joanne

  • Her yoga classes were playful yet challenging.

    — Joanne

  • Her holistic approach allows my whole self to feel supported and cared for, not just the treated area

    — Penni

  • Carol's personal warmth and humour make being with her a pleasure

    — Penni

  • Carol’s yoga is truly a delicious treat. I have been ever thankful to be one of Carol’s many students!

    — Martha

  • Carol is a great yoga teacher who recognises and works with everyone’s particular needs.

    — Chris

  • Her classes are not only a great workout, they’re sooo much fun!

    — Chris

  • Carol is skilled, professional, charming, and has great hands.

    — Michael

  • Her massages are like a 45 minute vacation but with a lasting, blissful after-effect.

    — MG

  • Your acute attention to detail and my specific needs were well diagnosed and treated

    — Eric


For Tony

From Sept 07, 2015 – On the plane, from Philadelphia to Australia (via LA) I have had experiences of my heart being a tricky organ, a shifty character, a bottomless pit of feeling, of me telling it to pack it’s bags and get the hell out of here!! But the new thing I discovered yesterday, was […]

Gratitude Heals My Wounds

Gratitude heals my wounds So grateful for all of the parts of my body I learn from: These silly, stuck hips… You crack open the tiniest little bit to let ridiculous beams of light shine out. You are so brilliant. Maybe that’s why you need to be so ‘stuck’… It’s just too darn bright for all of […]

Dietary Agnostic

I am a lover of all foods… Food is my favourite! […And so is teaching yoga, playing guitar, singing, more recently-snowboarding annnd a whole bunch of other things] People make assumptions- that because I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga, that I am probably vegan. Nope. For years, I considered myself a “recreational” vegetarian, enjoying preparing […]


  • Yoga

    Carol has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 7 years after completing a 500-hour program with Helen Wilson-Welsh, Doug Keller, John Friend, Shakta Kaur Khalsa and many other amazing teachers.

  • Massage

    Carol graduated with Honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Bedford (2280 hours) in June 2010. During this time, she earned a certificate in treatment for neurological conditions and levels 1 & 2 in CranioSacral Therapy.