“Does it ever get easier?”

Man, I love my yoga students! They ask the best questions.

One of them asked this last night referring to her physical yoga practice.

My short answer was


  But you make it all look so effortless…

It’s a lovely compliment, but soooo far from the truth  🙂

It’s super hard! Downward facing dog is one of the most challenging poses for me. It is! I wouldn’t keep doing it if it was easy. I would quickly lose interest and move on to something that presented a challenge to me.

I have been teaching childrens’ yoga for a few years now and in the last couple of months have come to the realization that kids get bored with ‘easy’ stuff,  no kidding! (For more evidence of me being a slow learner, go here)

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

My long answer went something like;

  Would you WANT to do it if it was ‘easy’ ??

  Don’t you want to go deeper and squeeze the juicy nectar out of it?

  Don’t you want the challenge of  ‘one more breath’ in the pose?

I believe we have the opportunity to come to our yoga practice (life) as a brand new person each time. We are not the exact same individual we were when we last visited and we don’t want to be. Do we??

We want to grow and keep growing. Growth isn’t always easy but growth happens, whether we like it or not. (grumble… stupid growth…)

Crickey! If we didn’t do the hard stuff we wouldn’t even be born let alone learn to walk, talk and all of the other frustratingly difficult things we have done so far.

When we come to our mat we WANT to give 100% of effort and surrender. We are not always aware of  that but I believe we do…

Even in stillness, there’s movement… We grow. It’s really about having that awareness as we evolve, let go, learn, give, receive, etc.

I mean why the heck would we enter into relationships with people, have children, pets, mortgages, learn guitar? Because it’s ‘easy’ ???

Ha!! Don’t think so… I think we do it because we love it. I think we love it because we break through barriers of learning and find ourselves in a new place. It’s not easier, it’s just different.

I think it’s important to have witnesses to our lives. We miss stuff when we are not paying attention. Sometimes we miss seeing our own growth because we are busy witnessing the growth of others. They need us to remind them of the stuff we missed. We need them too.

I love to watch my students grow. I (mostly) only get to see this in their yoga practice. It’s beautiful. I don’t think I have ever taught a class where I did not find myself welling-up-’round-the-eyeballs, just taking it all in. I love that I can be a witness to their growth. Sometimes they don’t see it, but I do. So when one of them asks the question

  Does it ever get easier?

I can answer honestly and humbly


When one of them asks

  Does it get more beautiful/rich/meaningful/humbling/?

My answer will be