Are We Poor?


I spent many years below the poverty line, but in circumstances where we never went hungry, always had a roof over our heads and the bills were paid (mostly) on time.

I’m so thankful we were able to keep our home and have positive people around… I’ve always felt ‘rich’ because of all that, and would ‘do without’ in a heartbeat so my kids could have a happy ‘rich’ life

My 1st born asked me a couple of years ago (when I was in school) “are we poor?”

And I just answered with questions…

  • Do poor people live in a house like this, with a beautiful yard where we can grow whatever food we want?
  • Do they have more than enough food to eat and share?
  • Are poor people always warm (in Winter) and have enough wood to keep warm?
  • Do poor people have a car they can drive, great friends, pets, time to play, clean water right from the tap?
  • Do poor people have healthy bodies and minds and access to a doctor/hospital when they are sick?
  • Are poor people able to get an education, have access to libraries, own and read books?
  • Are poor people happy more than they are unhappy…?
  • Do poor people have happy, healthy parents who love and care for them and give them opportunities in life?
  • Do poor people live a life of freedom where there is no war in their country, where they are free to think and say (to a point) what they believe?

My definition of ‘poor’ is: hungry, tired, cold, sick, dirty- with no shelter from the elements and no one to love… or be loved by… And no hope that it will change for the better.

Basically I wanted his definition of ‘poor’ which I found out was– “if you can’t afford to go on a tropical vacation regularly (like some of his friends) then you were poor…”

Wow! I was gobsmacked!

What privileged lives my children lead.

That’s when I started to select movies that reflect a different way of living (skipping through scenes that I felt were inappropriate for their age at the time) .

Movies like “The Pursuit of Happyness“, “Ghandi“, ” Slumdog Millionaire“, “Awakenings“. There are a whole bunch…

What I really want for my kids is an appreciation for how incredibly ‘rich’ their lives are as they grow into men…

Just to really love what they have and let that be the foundation to enable them to dream about the opportunities they have laid out before them.

They could change the world with that little idea… and help the idea spread.

A girl (Mum) can dream, right?