“I have been lucky enough to have had Carol as both a yoga instructor and a massage therapist. On both counts she is wonderful… Her yoga classes were playful yet challenging and she has the hands of a very effective massage therapist”.  -Joanne

“Carol is a great yoga teacher who recognises and works with everyone’s particular needs and abilities. Her classes are not only a great workout, they’re sooo much fun!

Carol puts everything into making you better. She has great hands, and her knowledge as both a yoga teacher and an RMT means she really understands how the body works and helps her clients’ to work better!” -Chris

“Carol Fellowes was my first yoga teacher and has been my very good friend and teacher for the past eight years and, in that time, has guided me from novice to intermediate practitioner. Carol delivers yoga with all the frills! Her classes are a heartfelt, creative blend of juicy postures which flow from grounding through guided breathing and move through various standing, balancing, strengthening, inverted and stretching poses which leave your whole body warm, tingling and wanting more. The first thing you notice is Carol’s wonderful, calm voice and slight Australian accent which is very pleasing to the ears and aids in the introspectiveness of your practise. Carol finishes up her classes with a dessert-like guided relaxation, and even a thought-provoking short reading. I have myself been brought to tears during Carol’s class (and have witnessed a couple of others too) so moved was I and so touched was I by her kind, open and non-judging spirit. Carol’s yoga is truly a delicious treat. I have been ever thankful to be one of Carol’s many students!” -Martha ‘Marti’ Valiquette