Yoga Schedule



My interest in BIOMECHANICS & training in


(& Brazilian Jui Jitsu) has deepened my awareness of how to move more intelligently.
MY practice evolves and shifts, creating something a bit different and I look forward exploring new ways to do old things (yoga asana) with you! 
I have this idea bubbling which feels like:

“your future body thanks you for the movement you practised today”

(and so does your ‘now’ body)

I’m calling it YOG-EVOLVE!

Beginner Yog-Evolve!

Safely learn how to intelligently move your body the way it was designed!

Wed & Fri mornings, 9-10am

6 Weeks – Nov 8 -Dec 16 (12 x 60min classes)

LAHARA YOGA Main St, Wolfville

(minimum 8/maximum 20 registered folks)

REGISTER here for a super deal!

Buy a punch card at LAHARA YOGA

or $13 drop-in

Intermediate Yog-Evolve! 

For those with an existing yoga practice.

Looking for a ‘power flow’ type of class? This is NOT it! These classes are very workshoppy, moving parts of you that may have been ‘sleepy’ for a while. There will be lots of joint prep, footwork, off-the-mat movement and the occasional, familiar ‘yoga pose’.

Tue & Thur evenings, 5:15-6:45pm

6 Weeks  – Nov 7 – Dec 14 (12 x 90min classes)

LAHARA YOGA  Main St, Wolfville

Register HERE for a super deal!

Buy a punch card at LAHARA YOGA

or $15 drop-in

(minimum 8/maximum 20 registered folks)


5 Day WINTER Yoga Intensive (TBC)

5 Mornings in a row for 90mins, at the end of the year!

Wed-Sun, Dec 27-31 – 9-10:30am

This will be an ALL-LEVELS class (anyone with any experience with yoga).

An excellent way to give gratitude to 2017 and set some intentions for 2018.

Amplify your practice, reacquaint yourself to your body/mind/heart/breath, and challenge yourself to do something for 5 days in a row!

(minimum 8/maximum 20 registered folks)