Yoga Schedule



My interest in BIOMECHANICS & training in


(& Brazilian Jui Jitsu) has deepened my awareness of how to move more intelligently.
MY practice evolves and shifts, creating something a bit different and I look forward exploring new ways to do old things (yoga asana) with you! 

I’m calling it YOG-EVOLVE!

Looking for a ‘power flow’ type of class? This is NOT it! These classes are very workshoppy, moving parts of you that may have been ‘sleepy’ for a while. There will be lots of joint prep, footwork, off-the-mat movement and the occasional, familiar ‘yoga pose’.


I spent New Years Day getting my room upstairs prepared to teach in. I’m so excited to be offering classes in my home again…

It will be super cosy with the woodstove and heat pump. All of my props are here, candles and twinkly lights…

I am making classes drop-in, so no pesky registration and making up of classes:

• Thursday night, 5:15-6:45pm (90min) $15

I have only 11 spots available in each class.

You need to BOOK your classes HERE on Schedulicity

**So don’t be emailing, phoning, texting, carrier pigeon-ing(?) me. Okie dokie?? Because (as you know) I’m massaging folks, and have difficult time trying to respond to all these forms of communication between clients.

It’s SUPER easy, I promise!!

You can pay when you get here.

CASH, please 🙂

Oh, and if you book, you need to show up, please!

(You can also cancel 2 hours before class, if you need to)

Oh, and please park in the driveway so my neighbours continue to love me!

Stay tuned for random, spontaneous, POP-UP


(snowshoe and yoga)