Heart Whispers – Part 3, Fight and Surrender

From Part 2… …I drove off to the clinic, (DON’T EVER DO THIS!!) they checked me out and told me to get to the hospital in a neighbouring town. I called a friend and he drove me over. They were expecting me… At the hospital, they take the words HEART ATTACK very seriously! This is an emergency! They asked […]

Heart Whispers – Part 2, Heart Attack? Me? Ya, right…

From Part 1… I know, we talk about the importance of breath in yoga all the time, but this, was a little different… After a backbend or two, twisting and forward bending, it was time for Savasana. CORPSE pose… I was feeling a little better and led them seamlessly through… I always finish classes with a little […]

Heart Whispers – Part 1, Myocardial-Infarctionasana

  On the evening of May 14, 2007 I was teaching my Monday Level 1-2 Yoga Class in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. One of 15-ish I would regularly teach in a week. I was demonstrating to my students a high lunge with the use of a block under the thigh of the back leg, allowing the […]