Heart Whispers – Part 2, Heart Attack? Me? Ya, right…

From Part 1… I know, we talk about the importance of breath in yoga all the time, but this, was a little different… After a backbend or two, twisting and forward bending, it was time for Savasana. CORPSE pose… I was feeling a little better and led them seamlessly through… I always finish classes with a little […]

“Does it ever get easier?”

Man, I love my yoga students! They ask the best questions. One of them asked this last night referring to her physical yoga practice. My short answer was   No.   But you make it all look so effortless… It’s a lovely compliment, but soooo far from the truth  🙂 It’s super hard! Downward facing dog […]

On Being Patient

I am learning, slowly. Guess that makes me a ‘slow learner’. Or am I? Is it just my impatient nature makes it seem as though it takes so long for me to learn something new?? I realise it takes intention, affirmations, dedication and mostly, practice, lots of practice. And time, lots of time… When I […]