For Tony

From Sept 07, 2015 – On the plane, from Philadelphia to Australia (via LA) I have had experiences of my heart being a tricky organ, a shifty character, a bottomless pit of feeling, of me telling it to pack it’s bags and get the hell out of here!! But the new thing I discovered yesterday, was […]

Gratitude Heals My Wounds

Gratitude heals my wounds So grateful for all of the parts of my body I learn from: These silly, stuck hips… You crack open the tiniest little bit to let ridiculous beams of light shine out. You are so brilliant. Maybe that’s why you need to be so ‘stuck’… It’s just too darn bright for all of […]

Are We Poor?

  I spent many years below the poverty line, but in circumstances where we never went hungry, always had a roof over our heads and the bills were paid (mostly) on time. I’m so thankful we were able to keep our home and have positive people around… I’ve always felt ‘rich’ because of all that, […]