“I have been lucky enough to have had Carol as both a yoga instructor and a massage therapist. On both counts she is wonderful… Her yoga classes were playful yet challenging and she has the hands of a very effective massage therapist”.  -Joanne

“Your acute attention to detail and my specific needs were well diagnosed and treated in a professional manner ” -Eric

“In the fall of 2010 I dislocated my ankle. In the early period of my convalescence I began to experience a lot of discomfort and muscle soreness in different parts of my body (other than my ankle) which I attributed to my being mostly sedentary. Most of these problems seemed to disappear after a therapeutic massage session with Carol Fellowes. The difference was quite remarkable.” -Bob

Carol puts everything into making you better. She has great hands, and her knowledge as both a yoga teacher and an RMT means she really understands how the body works and helps her clients’ to work better!” -Chris

“I have found Carol’s massages to be beneficial to me. Her care and skills combine to offer really helpful treatments. She has the knowledge to know how to assess and treat specific problems. Her holistic approach allows my whole self to feel supported and cared for, not just the treated area. I especially appreciate that you can book for less than an hour – the flexibility is really appreciated.

Carol’s personal warmth and humour make being with her a pleasure” -Penni Burrell

“For me, a massage appointment with Carol Fellowes is like a 45 minute vacation but with a lasting, blissful after-effect. Carol is skilled, professional, charming, and has great hands!” -Michael