I see as many massage therapy clients as I physically can.
Many of my people come for me to work on their NECK, mostly due to their posture, sitting too much in front of a computer or ‘text neck’.

{“Netflix neck” is also a term that has been coined…Yikes!}

I always try to give my clients exercises or self-massage tips before they leave, but there isn’t always a lot of time for me to really teach before the next client comes through the door.
Some do them and find relief and some forget how…

Some clients book themselves in for a ONE ON ONE session, which is an excellent use of time for me to be really strategic and specific with what is going on for them, but it is still difficult for them to remember all of the things I showed them and what we practiced.
{being local is a huge advantage}

There are a bunch of things YOU can do for yourself to strengthen and find functional mobility for your neck.
FIX YOUR DAMN NECK is one way to achieve some excellent results so you can spend LESS money and time on massage therapy and empower yourself to literally take your {scrawny, little (?)} neck into your own hands.

My yoga students and clients have been begging me to create some classes that they are able to do at home for about 15 years now.

{Ok, alright, already!!}

I’m {finally} getting on it!

Now you guys know that I live and breathe this kind of stuff, right!?
According to my students, I’m an excellent teacher:

“You almost tell a story with your movements and have a way of making every student feel capable and comfortable in their body and what they can achieve in that practice. Your knowledge of human anatomy makes me as a student take away more from the class. I can pinpoint exactly where each piece should line up.
It’s been too long since I’ve got to enjoy your practice but I always look forward to the next one.”

“It’s definitely more of a movement class, retraining muscles that have become weak from modern lifestyles that involve lots of time in chairs or cars. Your brand of movement helps us to restore the stability and strength we were meant to have at all ranges of motion! It also helps us to see our blind spots where we may have lost flexibility or strength due to our lifestyles and helps us feel like we are REGAINING it. I see a big difference in myself from when I started in Sept (or was it Oct?).”

It won’t be just ‘YOGA’.
I’ll teach you a bunch of different ways that I have learned to improve stability, strength {think: about good biomechanics for holding your noggin up all day and some ideas for sleeping too} and mobility {think: shoulder check while backing up in the car } for your neck!

This video is in no way intended to replace advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional!
Please use this advice at your own risk. 

Pre-order {down there} for $20 {+ the damn HST}

Commit now (to help me fund an awesome video camera) and you’ll have until May 17th (my birthday) to daydream about how great this video is going to be.
Or don’t, and just pay more for the luxury of remaining indecisive when you eventually get on board 😉
{The price will keep going up once I release it to the general public}

Use your intuition…
If your ‘gut’ says “Yes”, Do it!!
If your gut yells “NO!”, listen.
Save your cash!
{It’s all good :)}