For Tony

From Sept 07, 2015 – On the plane, from Philadelphia to Australia (via LA) I have had experiences of my heart being a tricky organ, a shifty character, a bottomless pit of feeling, of me telling it to pack it’s bags and get the hell out of here!! But the new thing I discovered yesterday, was […]

Gratitude Heals My Wounds

Gratitude heals my wounds So grateful for all of the parts of my body I learn from: These silly, stuck hips… You crack open the tiniest little bit to let ridiculous beams of light shine out. You are so brilliant. Maybe that’s why you need to be so ‘stuck’… It’s just too darn bright for all of […]

Dietary Agnostic

I am a lover of all foods… Food is my favourite! […And so is teaching yoga, playing guitar, singing, more recently-snowboarding annnd a whole bunch of other things] People make assumptions- that because I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga, that I am probably vegan. Nope. For years, I considered myself a “recreational” vegetarian, enjoying preparing […]

Learning To Trust Myself, Again

I need to take baby steps along the way of building trust… I read somewhere (by someone wise -wish I could remember…) recently, that if we are unable to trust ourselves, how on earth are we able to be trusted by anyone else or BE trustworthy and earn our own self respect? {big-time paraphrasing there} […]

Heart Whispers – Part 6, Homecoming

  (to recap: On the evening of May 14, 2007, I had a heart attack while I was teaching my Monday Level 1-2 Yoga Class) In Part 5 I discussed when I ‘go there’… to the place when I get whiny and ask “why”. Spoiler alert: it’s NOT a good place   …So the cardiologist said I should exercise. I asked if […]

Heart Whispers – Part 5, Stupid Heart…

  Continued from Part 4, Letting Go of the Why…   …So when I DO get into the why, theories arise:   Theory #1. I ran an 8 mile road race the day before. Yes, of course I pushed myself, it was a race. I had trained for it and was running regularly.  If this was […]

Heart Whispers – Part 4, Letting Go of the Why

  (to recap: On the evening of May 14, 2007, I had a heart attack while I was teaching my Monday Level 1-2 Yoga Class) From Part 3… …Holding back tears, trying to look healthy, like this is not a big deal -for them- I moved swiftly out of ”you’re not the boss of me!!” to: you are the experts, do what you are trained […]

Heart Whispers – Part 3, Fight and Surrender

From Part 2… …I drove off to the clinic, (DON’T EVER DO THIS!!) they checked me out and told me to get to the hospital in a neighbouring town. I called a friend and he drove me over. They were expecting me… At the hospital, they take the words HEART ATTACK very seriously! This is an emergency! They asked […]

Heart Whispers – Part 2, Heart Attack? Me? Ya, right…

From Part 1… I know, we talk about the importance of breath in yoga all the time, but this, was a little different… After a backbend or two, twisting and forward bending, it was time for Savasana. CORPSE pose… I was feeling a little better and led them seamlessly through… I always finish classes with a little […]

Heart Whispers – Part 1, Myocardial-Infarctionasana

  On the evening of May 14, 2007 I was teaching my Monday Level 1-2 Yoga Class in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. One of 15-ish I would regularly teach in a week. I was demonstrating to my students a high lunge with the use of a block under the thigh of the back leg, allowing the […]