About Me

Carol Fellowes, RMT

 Professional education


  • Certified by the Stretch to Win Institute as a Level 3-Medical, Fascial Stretch Specialist – May, 2014
  • Graduated with Honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Bedford (2280 hours) – June, 2010.
  • Certificate in treatment for neurological conditions
  • Professional association MTWPAM to become a Registered Massage Therapist – July, 2010.
  • Completed Levels 1 & 2 in CranioSacral Therapy – Sept, 2009.


  • Graduated (co-teaching with Sarah Pittoello) Yoga Teacher Trainees – 2014
  • Teaching Anatomy in Yoga Teacher Training Teaching programs – 2013
  • Teaching Regular yoga classes since 2003.
  • Completed a 500-hour program with Helen Wilson-Welsh, Doug Keller, John Friend, Shakta Kaur Khalsa and many other amazing teachers – 2003
  • Practicing yoga since 1992.


What I’m all about…

There are so many ways to come to a place of feeling the most comfortable in your body. For some, it is finding a new way to hold your posture, how you walk through the world. For others, it is important how to sit with strength, attentive and focused or how to rest, really rest, relaxed, calm and still.

Increased athletic performance may be what you are looking for so that you can perform at your finest with a flexible and specifically strong, balanced body.

Are you recovering from physical trauma, integrating something new into your life or letting something go?

Meeting you where you are at, right now, and moving forward from there is my intention. So whether that is with an acute/chronic injury or repetitive strain, musculoskeletal/neurological/arthritic condition, feeling burnt-out/stressed, or if headaches/migraines are bogging you down, massage and yoga can help.

When you come to me for massage or yoga, I commit to the utmost of care and reverence for the individual you are, in the perfect state you are in to help you get on the road to healing in whatever way it appears to be for you.

Using Fascial Stretch Therapy, general Swedish massage techniques, Myofascial release, trigger point protocols, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, NIT (Neurological inhibition Techniques), joint mobilizations and my extensive training and experience as a yoga teacher for any remedial exercise/stress management, you’re in good hands.

Originally from Australia, I live and breathe in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada with my 2 teenage boys, Border Collie, cat & dragon.

I work from my home clinic – 55 Woodland Dr. Wolfville, Nova Scotia