Gratitude Heals My Wounds

New Book 6 - 1

Gratitude heals my wounds

So grateful for all of the parts of my body I learn from:

These silly, stuck hips… You crack open the tiniest little bit to let ridiculous beams of light shine out. You are so brilliant. Maybe that’s why you need to be so ‘stuck’… It’s just too darn bright for all of us photosensitive humans…

The light comes out and little effortless tears roll down out of the corners of my closed eyes. It’s too bright, you see.

You crack the tiniest bit open, the light comes out, little tears roll and I heave and well up with transformative gratitude…

I am so grateful…

Grateful for my physiology:

My body’s ability to build bone where it was cracked.

Dont want to let too much light out. So it fills the cracks with super-strong flexible bone. It takes and receives and gives and transforms… With each breath, I am more grateful. With each breath, I am transformed.

I heave with gratitude for my teachers:

Especially for the ones who do not know they are my teachers. When you touch me, you teach me. Thank you for your caring hands.

I am grateful for having permission to be led by you. To surrender to being led is a wonderful thing…

I am grateful for all of the beauty:

For being able to see the beauty. It’s everywhere!!! So thankful for having the gritty film of greyness peeled of my eyes to let the light come in. Is that where it comes from, from beauty receiving eyes…?

The blossoms. The well-dressed, handsome Cabbagetown men. The lime in my beer. Eye contact of strangers. The smell of lemon on my hands. The feel of cold water on my skin..

Does light come in from my skin, my nose, ears…??

It feels like it…

I am so grateful for my practice:

My yoga, breath, stillness, movement, mind, meditation, my squishy wounded heart…

 I am so grateful, I could die:

I could die happy.

FulfilledFull-Filled. Filled with fullness.

Yes, all of these things are healing, but it is the gratitude for these things that heals my wounds.

Thank you.