What’s Your Power Pose?

Dancing Warrior

Since deciding to be ‘as big as I am’, I keep coming across a whole bunch of tools and support. I love that…

Amy Cuddy has inspired me. Her research is amazing and her TED talk (see below for video) moved me so much that I watched it 3 times.

The application of “Power Posing” is simple and it translates beautifully into yoga.

So I’ve been experimenting with the idea of taking up space on my yoga mat and what that represents for me.

Arms held high, distance between feet, grounding, stabilizing to the point of finding no freedom —

I am a wall, impenetrable.

A Warrior, guarding something very important.

How long can I do this for?

A minute? Two?

What if I make it more energy efficient? Soften my jaw, my face, relax the space between my neck and shoulders, feel the heat, experience the sensations as they grow…

Am I still grounded? Is my core strong enough to hold on?

Legs are shaking. Now what? Right, my heart. I lift it up with the strength of the muscles around my scaps. Lifting, opening… Oh yeah, watch my breath


So I am powerful until the point of weakness. I feel like an impostor, a phoney.

This isn’t real, I’m not powerful.

But isn’t that how it goes? Aren’t we all just ‘faking’ our lives while we bumble along… Being compassionate to all the other fakers? We are all just full of poop, pretending that we know what we are doing. Is there anyone who is actually powerful in the whole, wide world?

Do we get better as we continue to pose?

Well, I think we either get better at faking or we get better at; warrior II, being powerful, playing guitar, surfing__________ {fill in the blank}

Perhaps the blank should be filled with being authentic. 

But I imagine you could fake that too…

I guess this is what Amy Cuddy discribes as:

‘fake it ’til you become it’

What do you want to become?

Do you want to become powerful? What are you going to do with that power?

Remember what Spidey’s uncle said :

with great power comes great responsibility

Maybe we just need to start being more responsible and we will be rewarded with power…