I’m loving the momentum
I’m afraid if I get off this lovely mill that it wont come
I’m loving the reading, the connecting…
I’m finding my ‘tribe’
Caring, supportive, honest
Together, we are moving out bravely from the smooth edges of comfort and are headed toward the unknown of who we are, what we are made of
Union, yoking, yoga
An exciting odyssey
We parent, we play, sit and pray
Everything before ‘but’ is a lie
Is this the right time?
Love and attend to the business of who we are
Where is NOW? Was that it? Did I miss it… Again?
We move and breathe and churn and seethe
We test gravity and fall in spectacular ways
We twist and bind, tangled up in our ridiculous postures to find freedom?
We push and press, squeezing every last drop of beauty out of our breath as we dance on the edge of heavy and light
What’s that? One more breath? Seriously…? I’ve been in this battle long enough
I can’t, I can, I will, I am… I commit to that
Lets go!