Heart Whispers – Part 3, Fight and Surrender

From Part 2

…I drove off to the clinic, (DON’T EVER DO THIS!!) they checked me out and told me to get to the hospital in a neighbouring town. I called a friend and he drove me over.

They were expecting me…

At the hospital, they take the words HEART ATTACK very seriously! This is an emergency!

They asked a lot of question, assessed, took blood, monitored and I waited… They took blood to look for a protein called Troponin-I This protein is released into the bloodstream when the heart muscle cells die. They look at the amount when you first come in and then wait 8 hours to take the next sample. If there is an increase in Troponin-I in the second blood test, you have had a heart attack. This test (and bunch of other EKG’s etc) confirmed it.


What the hell! I’m not suppose to have a heart attack. I look after my body, mind… I’m active, I meditate, I have a healthy diet – I’m a good person!

They were wanting to give me medication to slow everything down. I resisted at first; wanting to know what was in them, side effects etc. This is MY body we’re talking about. My TEMPLE, that I have taken such good care of. I have always resisted taking allopathic drugs wanting to always exhaust the most natural method of healing first…

Then my kids walked in with their Dad…boys on the ferry

Their little faces, pale and fearful… My injured little heart squeezed for them and what followed was complete surrender…

Holding back tears, trying to look healthy, like this is not a big deal -for them- I moved swiftly out of “you’re not the boss of me!!” to:

you are the experts, do what you are trained for, I am at your mercy–please make me better for my boys…


Stay tuned for Part 4