Challenge Me!

Yoga on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Christmas 2012My intention for this year is to be as big as I am.

After spending a lovely vacation in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with my boys and my man, I am inspired to teach/host a retreat there, or at least, near there.

I had recently taken Amy Ippoliti’s “How to Run Workshops and Retreats” course a couple of months prior to our trip. Side note: (90 Monkeys courses are incredible for developing yourself professionally as a yoga teacher!) I’ve toyed with the idea of hosting retreats for a while but only in a dreamy way…

Now that I have the tools or putting such a thing together and feeling all fired up about it; making inquiries, doing the math, I feel myself slipping into the ‘smallness’ of myself.

“Who would come? Why would anyone want to do a retreat with me? I’m not big enough to offer something like this. What if I suck? It’s not like I’m some sort of ‘Rock Star’ Yoga Teacher… “

…And on and on it goes…

This is a habit. Not one of those healthy habits

The very same day, this fell out of the sky: I Don’t Actually WANT To Think I’m GreatBy Dr. Samantha Sutton

They don’t want to believe that they are great, because it’s a lot of responsibility to be great. 

Think about it for a minute. If you fully admitted to yourself that you were great, then you’d hold yourself responsible for a heck of a lot more.
And who wants that sort of expectation?
…Perhaps most detrimentally of all, refusing to acknowledge your own greatness means that you don’t fully bring your talents and gifts to bear in the world, where they can do the most good. 
~Dr Samantha Sutton
Holy poop! She nailed it! This is exactly what I have been doing… My whole life… Frig… And here I was doing it, feeling it, again.
My mind shifted. My whole world did a cartwheel- the one where you land square on your feet, arms raised in triumph. Yes!
So thank you, Dr Samantha Sutton! {a deep, bowing namaste to you}
THIS is my intention for the 2013. To be up for the task. To know and acknowledged  my ‘unique brand of greatness’. To have people expect and even demand great things of me. If the demand is there, I will supply. I promise.
Help me to expect more from myself.
Challenge me.
I have started to challenge myself by signing up for #365yoga which requires me to blog a minimum of 3 days a week. Thanks Flying Yogini!
Follow along with my journey if you like.
I’d love to hear what you have to say 🙂